The why behind it all...


A jungle cacophony emanating from its canopy, exotic vegetation, vibrant birds, textural crocodiles and shining lizards with piercing eyes forced me to observe the world and its creatures with a keen curiosity.


Growing up next to the jungle in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore when they were rural countries and without television, my life was filled with reel to reel music, visual and creative arts.  My bedroom was a stage set, struck only when and if my play was over. 


Together with my mother I was on the stage by five, whilst my father manned the lights and sound for the Sungai Gerong Community Theatre.


Books were my best friends and dancing lessons provided a peek into intriguing forms, instrumentation and the glitter of costume. Each Saturday, I was mesmerized by the mysterious shadow puppets of the ‘Wayang’ when performed by villagers in our back garden. Every banana leaf of food was an art form to savor. Today, my life continues to provide without boredom a beauty transcending human boundary.


I’m forever grateful to view my world with the freshness of a child.